Ear acupuncture and peripheral microcirculation.


The regulation of microcirculation depends on the dynamic interaction of different factors: the autonomic nervous system plays a pivotal role in the blood flow and acupuncture can modulate it, obtaining different results depending on the site, the frequency, and the intensity of the stimulation.


18 healthy subjects have been enrolled and have undergone two sessions of electroacupuncture stimulations: one session using high frequency and one with low frequency.

Microcirculation has been monitored continuously during stimulation using the laser Doppler method.


The microcirculatory parameters have shown a significant difference between high and low-frequency stimulation, suggesting that low-frequency stimulation is more effective for obtaining a vasodilator effect.


Our results show that low-frequency stimulation can increase the cutaneous microcirculatory flux, without significantly modifying blood pressure and heart rate.

The auricular stimulation causes an increase in the activity of the vagus nerve, increasing the cholinergic activity without acting on post-junctional muscarinic receptors.


Auricular acupuncture has a significant impact on the regulation of microcirculation.

Veronica Gagliardi, Giuseppe Gagliardi, Francesco Ceccherelli, Antonello Lovato
Effect of Low- and High-Frequency Auricular Stimulation with Electro-Acupuncture on Cutaneous Microcirculation: A Cross-Over Study in Healthy Subjects. Medicines 2023, 10, 17. https://doi.org/10.3390/medicines10020017

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