Capsaicin patches for neuropathic pain


Persistent neuropathic pain treated with capsaicin patches: a novel promising approach.

Neuropathic pain is associated with a functional abnormality of the nervous system due to a direct lesion or disease of the somatosensory system, leading to a continuous pattern of pointless and detrimental pain signal: the pain itself rather than the predisposing condition becomes the main pathological element.…

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Emotorace dopo agopuntura

Embolizzazione arteriosa transcatetere riuscita per un massivo emotorace causato dall’agopuntura.L’agopuntura è un trattamento alternativo per varie patologie e le complicanze gravi sono rare.

Descrizione del caso clinico

Riportiamo un caso di embolizzazione arteriosa transcatetere eseguita in una paziente con emotorace massivo dopo trattamento agopunturale.…

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Trigger point pain from pancreatic cancer.

Spinal pain is very frequent and it represents one of the most common reasons to seek medical advice. Differential diagnosis is an intriguing challenge in which physicians must take particular care to understand the origin of pain and, in particular, to detect severe diseases.…

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